Heroes V In A Nutshell (

Status: Complete
In Heroes of Might and Magic V, Nival and Ubisoft sought to revive a dead franchise. Fans were thrilled by the news. However, when the game was released, it was buggy and unfinished. Worst of all, the dark and epic tale that the developers had promised was nowhere to be found. Instead, gamers suffered through terrible dialog, idiotic characters, illogical plot twists, and horrendous blocking. Shocked by this development, I felt compelled to write snarky (but accurate) chapter summaries. Nobody should have to play through this mess of a game to satiate their curiosity for sub-par storytelling.

Blogging Heroes (

Status: Ongoing
I recently revisited Heroes of Might and Magic III and fell in love with the game all over again. Instead of writing a traditional game walkthrough or critique, I decided to document my thoughts and observations in a gonzo, stream-of-consciousness method. The game has aged surprisingly well thanks to an HD mod I discovered online. My plan (for now) is to document my playthrough of the Restoration of Erathia campaign.

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Walkthrough (

Status: Ongoing
I’ve always been a big fan of the Warcraft series. It all started when I received a used copy of the game as a gift in sixth grade. At that moment, I became enamored with real-time strategy. Years later, I used DOSBox to revisit the first game in the series: Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. I was surprised by how great the graphics looked and how unintuitive the interface was. I also discovered that there isn’t a good campaign walkthrough online (as most gamers were introduced to the series via Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness). This is my attempt to write one.

Final Fantasy Flight (

Status: Completed
In my first year as a working professional, I often flew around the country. While sitting in coach, I played Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls to pass the time. I decided to make things by keeping a goofy little journal about the adventure.