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More Regional Cover Comparisons, Courtesy Of The Settlers 7

Yesterday, I posted about the regional differences in Heavy Rain‘s cover art as an example of unnecessary bluntness in design. The European cover is minimalist and creepy while the North American cover is a jumbled mess of characters, boobs, and … Continue reading

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Heavy Rain Alternate Cover Art – Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Heavy Rain has generated considerable debate about regional differences in box art. Fans have praised the European cover, which features an unsettling image of an origami seal in the rain. The game is about the Origami Killer. So it’s fitting … Continue reading

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5 Keys To Consider When Bringing An Asian MMO To Western Audiences

Are you an MMO company in Asia with an amazingly popular title now looking to make it big in the US market? Heard a lot of success stories at game conferences and want a piece of that pie? Before you … Continue reading

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Disneyland Fake Marriage Proposal Is Super Effective

Chances are you’ve seen this video. A man walks down Main Street at Disneyland with a bullhorn and begins to draws a crowd. Then, he proposes to his girlfriend with an impromptu musical, inviting some of the audience and staff … Continue reading

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Street Fighter Blu-ray Cover Is Horrible

While I thought the new Street Fighter movie about Chun-Li’s origins could have benefitted from some better writing, the Blu-ray packaging is absolutely atrocious. If there was a textbook about how not to Photoshop images, this would be on the … Continue reading

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