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What I’ve Been Doing In The Month Of February

Wow, I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my last post. Today, my mom called me on the phone to complain that I haven’t been posting updates. Social media and blogging is pretty much how I keep … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts About Heroes VI

With Fall A finals over and Fall B yet to begin, I’ve had the must needed opportunity to relay and play some computer games. Specifically, I’ve been playing the newly released Might & Magic: Heroes VI. On Saturday, after the Fall … Continue reading

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My Last E3 For A While

Boom! E3 completed! Mission accomplished! Checkboxes checked! Parties attended! Booth babes photographed! Games played! Going to the convention center for the last three years has been an enormously satisfying experience for me. As a kid, I poured over game magazines … Continue reading

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Blogging Heroes Of Might And Magic III

Hey folks. I’m still alive. I’ve just been MIA for a few weeks as I try to figure out my future career and prepare for business school. On a happier note, I’ve started a new side-blog called Blogging Heroes: Revisiting Heroes … Continue reading

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More Civilization V Opinions: Emperor Gandhi

I’ve now spent a considerable amount of time with the December patch for Civ V ( While the gameplay is still rather wonky and the AI is far from perfect, the patch has proved to be a huge step in the right … Continue reading

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