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The Wizard Of Haas

The Fall semester is coming to an end! Gold Cohort is going to disband soon! I’ve grown quite attached to my friends and am a little sad that we’ll be taking different classes come spring. It doesn’t help that the … Continue reading

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Pacific Ties Sex Issue – Circa 2005

In 2005, I started my senior year at UCLA with a big responsibility. As the photo editor of Pacific Ties Newsmagazine, it was my job to manage art assets and design the cover. While this was normally an easy process, … Continue reading

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Elfy Black

I drew this picture in early December while brainstorming for a project. I was trying to experiment with line art and ended up doodling this hipster-looking chick. Sometimes when I’m on the phone or watching TV, I’ll leave Photoshop open … Continue reading

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More Civilization V Opinions: Emperor Gandhi

I’ve now spent a considerable amount of time with the December patch for Civ V ( While the gameplay is still rather wonky and the AI is far from perfect, the patch has proved to be a huge step in the right … Continue reading

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Google Grants Everest Art

During my early days at Google, I volunteered to be an optimization specialist for the Google Grants team. Part of my job was creating artwork like the one below (circa 2007) to promote Google Grants. Google Grants is an awesome … Continue reading

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