I look terrible in this picture. There’s tape over my eyes and a set of eye shields underneath the shades. The good news is I got LASIK and fixed my severe myopia and astigmatism.

My eyes were pretty bad. -9.5 in both eyes. I could not see without glasses. I realized how helpless this made me feel when I scratched up my glasses in Cancun and spent the next two weeks with horrible headaches. I knew I had to do something about my eyes sooner than later.

My optometrist in Foster City recommended that I get a consultation at the Pacific Vision Institute. Thankfully, my corneas were thick enough to qualify for LASIK. Many of my friends with thinner corneas had to get the alternate treatment (called PRK) and spent two weeks with burning, itchy eyes. For me, the entire process was quick and painless.

In fact, I don’t know why I was so nervous. The entire process took only about 15 seconds per eye. I was told to look directly at a red dot. Zap! Zap! Before I knew it, I had great vision.

My eyes are still not 20/20. Dr. Lynn told me that it will probably take 3-6 months to achieve ideal vision. But for now, I’m seeing well enough to drive myself to the follow-up visit. Funny story is I still haven’t seen the face of my surgeon, Dr. Faktorovich. My glasses were off when I first met her and the image was a blur. After I got off the operating table, I was told to keep my eyes closed so again missed an opportunity to see her.

I look forward to life without glasses and seeing what Dr. Faktorovich actually looks like. Most people wouldn’t trust their eye health to someone they’ve never met. But personally, I care mostly about results.

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