Cancun And Chichen Itza

Bael and I went to Cancun for vacation. We had wanted to travel for a while but either couldn’t decide on a destination or figure out a time that would accommodate both of our schedules. Finally, we settled on Mexico. The entire vacation was planned by Bael. So kudos to her extraordinary logistical prowess.

We stayed at the Hotel Fiesta Americana Condesa, one of those amazing “all-inclusive” resorts where all the drinks are free and there’s no good reason to leave the premises. Aside from some minor hiccups (i.e. our room had a leaky air conditioning unit and a repairman had to come clanking in the middle of the night), it was an amazing trip.

The highlight: Seeing Chichen Itza in the middle of a thunderstorm with rain pouring down on us and lightning strikes in the distance. Definitely happy to check it off my bucket list.


Here’s a view of the sunset from the pool at the resort. Hit the jump for more photos.


Here’s our resort. Swimming while intoxicated is apparently encouraged here.


Here’s the view from our room. However, this is actually a shot of the resort next door. We weren’t too bummed about it since all the resorts looked the same.


Bael at the cabana. I think her tolerance for alcohol went up 200%.


We visited a cenote (basically a swimming hole) on the way to Chichen Itza.


Here’s a shot of the cenote from the bottom looking up. No, we were not allowed to climb on the vines.


Here’s another shot.


Finally, here’s Chichen Itza moments before the storm started. The trinket merchants had a bad day, but the raincoat vendors made a killing. $10 for a trash bag!

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