Moved From Berkeley To Foster City

After graduation, I’ve moved to a new apartment in Foster City, a planned city next to San Mateo. I’m excited to have a few months to relax before starting my new job in August.


Foster City is incredibly beautiful. There are wide, man-made lagoons that create gorgeous vistas. I had to pay a little more for an apartment unit with a waterfront view, but you know… YOLO and all that.

I walked around my neighborhood and took some more pictures. Check them out under the fold.


Here’s the view from the balcony. I’m guessing most of these houses are $1M+. At the very least, their inhabitants are wealthy enough to own boats and water taxis.


Here’s another view from my balcony around dusk. There are no filters applied to this picture. Sunsets in Foster City really are this gorgeous.


There’s a bridge that I have to walk under in order to go to the grocery store that’s across the street.


I haven’t seen anyone use this dock. But you can see a water taxi on the right.


Here’s the dock. It’s a great place to meditate.

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