Back In Vegas – Staying At The Palazzo

I went to Vegas with my girlfriend. There’s a stupid rule in Vegas created to protect certain kinds of people from shame called: “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But in our case, nothing scandalous happened. So I don’t think it’s so terrible we divulge our adventures.

Upon checking in at the Palazzo, we were given a coupon book called the Passaporto di Winter in Venice. We didn’t end up using the coupons very much since most of the deals required you to spend a ton of money on 2 for 1 deals. However, we did get 50% off on a gondola ride (more on that later).


We took the above picture at a complementary station outside the Venetian as part of the “Winter in Venice” promotion. The backdrop is fake. During the winter months, the exterior of the Venetian is decorated with Christmas colors. Inside, staff members dress as elves and give guests hot apple cider.



We stayed in the Palazzo’s Luxury Suite, which is the cheapest room available yet still outclasses any of my previous hotel rooms. The suite has a pretty awesome but superfluous living room area with a gorgeous view of the strip (i.e. Treasure Island), two flat screen TVs, and even a scanner/printer. It was gloriously excessive and I chuckled at the thought that a hotel room in Vegas is twice the size of my horrible studio apartment in Berkeley!

Since my girlfriend had never visited Vegas before and isn’t really into clubbing, I wanted to make sure she visited all of the different casinos like The Mirage or Paris and do “touristy stuff.” Hilariously enough, most casinos had really polished floors and she made the unfortunate decision to bring old boots with really worn soles. So she just ended up slipping over and over. As a result, I had to carry her everywhere by the arm to protect her from injury and probably came across to strangers as some kind of domineering, chauvinist douche bag. She still ended up with a lot of blisters on her feet but thankfully no broken bones. We threw the boots into the trash. Live and learn.

We really enjoyed the new CityCenter and Aria. The Cosmopolitan was also really nice. Everything is so clean and new in that part of the Strip and we agreed to stay there for our next visit!


Her favorite attraction in Vegas was the fountain show at the Bellagio.

We also watched Zumanity at New York, New York. The show was pretty funny and I enjoyed the slapstick. There was a really cool scene involving two acrobats swimming inside a huge wine glass. She was really interested in watching Peepshow after seeing an ad for it. But we were saddened to discover that Holly Madison was no longer performing and had been replaced by some other blonde reality show star.


We also visited the Wynn and got a nice couple photo. They gave us $10 in slot credits for each getting players’ cards. I am happy to report that we both turned our credits into modest winnings. Take that, Vegas!

Unfortunately, Vegas managed to fleece us in cab fares, food prices, and resort fees… so I guess the house always wins in the end.


On our second day of adventure, we wanted to stay closer to home and explore the Palazzo pool deck. We were informed by a security guard that everything was closed for the Winter for repairs. He directed us to the Venetian pool deck via the longest detour path ever. Instead of simply walking from one pool deck to the other (it was blocked), we had to take a 20 minute detour walk through the Canyon Ranch spa and then cut through the interior of the hotel, go up and down some elevators, and then go through some extra hallways to get there. When we finally arrived, we discovered that nobody likes to swim in Winter.


Here’s a picture of the pool deck. Wow, it’s so lively!

Our muscles were sore from all the walking the previous night and we were adamant about finding a heated pool. Thankfully, we discovered a beautiful, secluded pool garden on the 10th floor of the Venetian.

We grabbed our bathrobes from our hotel rooms and moseyed to the garden, getting curious glances from hotel employees and guests along the way. At first, it felt weird. But we figured “f-ck it, we’re paying for this anyway.” It was wonderful to relax our tired bodies in the hot tub.

On our last day in Vegas, we decided to ride the indoor gondola at the Venetian! We purchased general admission tickets at discounted prices, but due to lack of riders, the employees gave us a “two-person” ride. Our boatman sang “Bella Noche,” which some might recognize as the song from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp where the two dogs eat spaghetti and inadvertently kiss. This is followed by Tramp pushing the last meatball toward Lady with his nose. I fought every urge to recreate this scene during dinner that night. The boat ride was pretty short and I guess it was worth it for the novelty.

Goodbye Vegas. See you the next time our wallets get fat.

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