T-Money & The Subway System

How many MBAs does it take to figure out how to buy a T-Money card to use the subrail system in Seoul? Answer: a lot. Actually, many of the locals don’t use T-Money to pay for transit because their credit cards have a chip. They can simply walk up to the turnstile, scan their credit card, and pay for their ride. It’s so convenient.

T-Money is convenient for me to use because I don’t have a fancy Korean credit card. I’m sad to admit that credit cards in the United States are incredibly prehistoric. The card can be topped up at various machines around the city and used (with discounts) at many vendors.

As for the rail system, I am totally confused. I can’t read any of the signs and have no sense of direction. The city is densely packed and I haven’t oriented myself with any landmarks. I think it will take me a few more days (or weeks) to get my legs again.

Yes, this is totally like BART, except 100 times more complicated.

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