Seoul Oddities, Part 1

I’ll post a lot of funny sights and sounds from Korea. I did the same during my trip to Japan. I derive much pleasure from taking photos of funny signage.

This was a sign I saw next to a planter outside a store. Apparently, you cannot sit on the ledge of the planter because your huge stinky butt will destroy the flowers.

A lot of stores here have funny nonsensical names. I imagine somebody opened the Oxford Dictionary, found a random word, and decided to use it. I guess it’s not too different from Americans who get tattoos of random Chinese characters.

This is a cafe called Caffe Themselves.

This was the cover of a menu. This cartoon girl is really happy for some reason. I think she is saving money?

There is a stereotype that it’s easy to get plastic surgery in Korea. I went up the elevator and saw this gigantic sign.

These images were posted on the doors of all the trains. There’s another version with a man with his briefcase caught in the door.

This store is called Spicy Color. It looks spicy to me.

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