More Pictures Of Seoul

Seoul is a beautiful city. So I figured as long as I’m here, I should take pictures with my phone camera. Last night, I met with my colleagues at the entrance of T-Tower, the headquarters of SK Telecom.

SK Holdings is a megaconglomorate that owns pretty much everything in Korea from banking to energy to telecommunications. Although most people in the US have never heard of SK, the company is a big deal in Asia. SK Telecom is one of the many divisions of SK and also the largest telecom service provider in Korea.

Here’s a picture of T-Tower from the front entrance, looking upward. T-Tower is intentionally built crooked to capture the whimsical and innovative culture of the company. Click the link below for more photos.

Here’s the HSBC building that’s next to T-Tower. Normally, Seoul is covered in a hazy gloom. However, it rained earlier in the day and the sky was really beautiful.

Here, we walk along a sidewalk. The financial/business districts are pretty much pristine. It reminds me a lot of Singapore. The roads are perfectly paved and the glass is immaculate. After midnight, we walked back to the hotel and saw a group of women cleaning the windows here.

Here’s a plaza of some kind.

More buildings. The sunsets in Korea are really pretty. Some unknown substance in the smog bends sunlight in colorful ways unfamiliar to Americans.

In the spirit of photographing hilarious Engrish signs, here’s a bar called “Ho Bar II.” This place was apparently so popular that they created two of them.

See the Baskin Robbins in the corner? There’s a drinking game Koreans play in which you make cabbage patch motions with your arms while saying “BASSSKEEEN ROBBINS, THIRTEEEE ONE!”

This reminds me of Blade Runner.

Here’s a very traditional Korean meal (or so we were told). It’s blood soup on the left and raw beef on the right. I grabbed my metal chopsticks and put a little clump of blood in my mouth. “Yep, it’s blood alright.”

This is a cool building. There’s a bar at the top.

What a cute mascot. I have no idea what he is trying to sell. Perhaps it’s cat-related.

When my colleagues and I were hunting for a second restaurant/bar, we saw this strange logo of a dude chillin’ on the stairs. Or perhaps he is falling down because he drank too much soju.

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