Chicken & Beer In Korea

We met up with another IBD team last night and went out with our client for drinks. Some interesting observations that may or may not be reflective of the larger Korean culture.

First of all, we ate fried chicken with tongs, not hands. I suppose this is because there were no paper napkins at the restaurant. Second, you can never pour your own drink. Not only must somebody else pour it, you must accept the drink by holding your cup or glass with both hands. I guess this custom prevents people from drinking alone. Lastly, Koreans drink a lot. I am amazed.

I’ve been drinking a sweet, milky beverage called Makgeolli with my meals. It tastes like soda and is quite delicious. However, it packs a kick. The alcohol sneaks up on you because it lacks a bitter taste. You end up drinking much more than your body can handle. As my Korean classmate explained: “you think you will be fine but then suddenly you will collapse.”

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