Can Man And Car Coexist In Myeongdong?

Every morning, I have to walk through Myeongdong to get to work. This usually involves dodging a few cars. Although Myeongdong is a pedestrian-heavy area, cars have no problem plowing through crowds of people. In Korea, drivers do not yield to pedestrians; pedestrians yield to cars.

Today, on the way back to my hotel after a long day at the office, I saw an old Korean grandma clutching her shoulder in pain on the side of the road. She had gotten clipped by a car’s side mirror. The worst part is, the driver exited his vehicle and started to yell at the poor woman!

Frankly, I’m amazed the city doesn’t block off Myeongdong from car traffic to protect tourists. I understand that technically there are sidewalks and streets. But the difference between the two is blurry since motorcycles gladly drive on the sidewalks and hundreds of people are forced to walk in the middle of the street because of the street vendors. The entire area should be converted to a giant pedestrian-only mall!

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