Tara Na!

In Tagalog, tara na means let’s go! I spent a lot of time on the beach today, getting a Swedish massage and soaking in the sun. Later, my friends decided to go on a sunset cruise. However, I wanted to walk around the neighborhood instead and really absorb the local culture. So I did!

The picture above is a sand sculpture that some of the local kids made for us. It was incredibly cool to watch them pack the sand together and carve the big bold letters.

You can see my pictures of Boracay here.

The sunsets here are incredible. Unfortunately, I’ve been using my phone to take all of my pictures and the light sensitivity is a bit skewed. I definitely need to invest in a professional camera. Many of my classmates brought theirs and although we look like the paparazzi when we walk around town, the resulting  pictures are amazingly beautiful.

Therefore, the proper way to interpret my pictures is to look at them and imagine the scenery being 5x prettier!

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