Dinner At D’Talipapa

The talipapa is the wet market. It’s an alley lined with fish vendors. You pick out some live seafood and they fry it for you. We went to the talipapa for dinner and it was amazing.

We sat down at some tables and just started consuming endless plates of rice, squid, pork, chicken… you name it. The plates just kept coming and I just kept eating. In the end, I was overstuffed and my food and hair smelled like fried fish. My skin felt oily. My feet were sticky. God, just immerse me in this delicious food!

Here’s the entrance to the talipapa. Looking at this picture, I feel like I can smell the smoky fish again.

The final price was 320 pesos per person. That’s roughly $7.25 USD. What a bargain! I’m really lovin’ it here. I can see why so many people in the United States retire to South East Asia.

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