Boracay Beach Adventures

It’s not every day you come to Boracay and run into Academy Award winner Jeremy Renner. Anyway, he was sitting in the cabana behind my hotel and was gracious enough to let me take a picture with him. So far, I’ve run into two celebrities on the South East Asia Trek. I have a feeling we’ll run into a third in Singapore.

Hit the jump for pictures of the hotel itself.

There are two seasons in Boracay: hot and hottest. Our hotel was appropriately named Two Seasons, a clever twist on the Four Seasons brand.

I’m in a room with six people. It’s the one on the right with the balcony.

Behind the hotel, there is a large koi pond. Beyond that is a beach cabana. I had lunch here today and met Jeremy Renner.

Behind the cabana is the beach itself. There are a lot of lawn chairs out.  However, umbrellas are limited. My goal tomorrow is to arrive early and claim an umbrella.

I did end up laying out in the sun for a little bit. One of the hotel workers was offering massages so I took her up on her offer: 500 pesos for an hour of Swedish massage. Due to the presence of sand everywhere, the experience can be best described as exfoliating.

Of course, I later walked around town and realized that most massage places were charging 320 pesos. Hmm… I should do more comparison shopping. Still, it could have been worse. One of the workers straight up followed my friend Peter into his room and started massaging him. At that point, there’s no turning back.

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