UCLA Football Uniform Design Concept

It’s no secret that I hate Adidas’ most recent UCLA football uniform design. I don’t care that they’re tight-fitting and better for players to move around in. The designers unwisely desaturated the traditional UCLA colors, giving them a chalky look. Case in point, the golden pants are now beige! Adidas also minimized the shoulder stripes and simplified the typeface, giving the overall uniform a blurry and faded appearance.

Anyway, I put together some new designs.

Home: I reverted to the shiny blue and gold colors seen in costumes circa 2005-2006. For the pants, I decided to incorporate a thick gold stripe with Yale blue outline to draw attention to the players’ legs and showcase their speed.

Away: I lightened the Yale blue from the current costume to make it pop and lengthened the shoulder stripe. I also replaced the gold pants with blue (and a thin white stripe). I considered making the white stripe thicker. But then, I thought about those terrible all-white uniforms from the recent 50-0 loss against USC and quickly changed my mind.

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