Gold Cohort Victory T-Shirt

After Gold Cohort dominated the Golden Egg competition and crushed our fellow cohorts beneath the heel of our boot, I immediately went to work designing a shirt to celebrate. A grand plethora of ideas swirled in my brain. At one point I even considered making a tongue-in-cheek jersey that said “NCAA Golden Egg – National Champions!” Sadly, that idea fizzled.

Several failed concepts and wrinkled pages later, I settled on a simple idea. In “Problem Finding, Problem Solving” class, we learned that sometimes it’s best not to over-think things. My final design incorporates our victory chant: “Hey ho, go Gold!” and a subtle ‘golden egg’ inside the ‘O.’

I ordered the shirts from CustomInk. They’ll arrive in a few weeks. Sadly, by the time people actually receive the shirts, Gold Cohort will have disbanded.


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