Yesterday was my last day at Google. After receiving our exit interview through a laptop and a webcam (felt like something from that George Clooney movie Up In The Air), Ryan and I returned our laptops and other borrowed hardware to a Tech Stop, handed in our badges to the receptionist, and drove to The Sports Page (our local bar) for drinks.

We had alerted all of our friends that we would be there to hang out after work, but surprisingly only a few came. Ouch! I did get a few apologies by text message though.

In any case, I woke up this morning with a massive hangover and a very messy apartment. I’ve been packing everything into neat little boxes to prepare for my move to Berkeley. However, the task of fitting everything in my large apartment into a tiny studio is daunting. My original plan was to leave a lot of my Google artifacts at my parents’ home in Riverside. But the 8 hour drive is… in my brother’s words “best avoided.”

My new plan is to throw away anything that I haven’t touched in over a year and give the rest away to charity. I packed a few boxes tonight and will be heading over to Goodwill after finishing this entry.

I found a box filled with lanyards. At Google, you go to a lot of internal sales conferences and the like. For some reason, I had decided to keep all the lanyards over the years. However, there was absolutely no reason for me to need them. They aren’t trophies. Everyone got one. So into the trash they went. I tossed lanyards from three E3s, 5 sales conferences, 4 holiday parties, and a bunch of other forgettable events like Google Dance.

In my last post, I mentioned changing the format of this blog. After reading that Kevin Rose (founder of Digg) scrapped his blog completely and redirected his domain to his Google+ profile, I’m encouraged to do the same. I have to think about it some more. In the meantime, you can check out my profile on Google+ with a few simple clicks.

On that note, if anyone wants an invitation, do let me know.

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