Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The most difficult part of creating a transitional plan for my departure is writing a decent farewell letter to my clients.

Unfortunately, five years of sending nothing but business emails in short-hand has completely undone any ability I once possessed to write good prose. If my history professors were to read my words today, they’d most certainly hide in shame. Even writing this blog entry has proven tremendously challenging.

My clients are young, smart, and personable. They are great people to work with. I genuinely care about the long term success of their business and have considered it a privilege to be let into their world. However, I have trouble translating these thoughts to paper in a manner that’s witty yet heartfelt.

At work, I’ve been taught to write short emails that get to the point. However, I don’t want my clients to think that I care so little that I only spent 5 seconds writing a goodbye email.

“It was a pleasure working with you. May our paths cross again!”

Click. Delete. Exit.

Perhaps the excitement of leaving a stable job and consistent paycheck for the scary uncertainty of business school and a depressing financial market will eventually diminish, leaving behind only unbridled terror and cold feet. At that time, my mixed emotions may make it easier for me to write a heartfelt letter to my clients. Perhaps.

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