Google Grants Everest Art

During my early days at Google, I volunteered to be an optimization specialist for the Google Grants team. Part of my job was creating artwork like the one below (circa 2007) to promote Google Grants.

Google Grants is an awesome program that enables non-profit organizations to get free AdWords advertising from Google. These organizations submit applications online and then are paired up with account managers, no strings attached. I worked with a small portfolio of non-profit organizations and built their campaigns.

I love that the climbers are chilling at base camp, playing chess, and generally unaware that their comrades are being terrorized by a yeti.

Everest, Annapurna, and Base Camp are three levels of awards given to Google Grants volunteers. I don’t remember what prize the volunteers received, but it wasn’t all fun and games. Google Grants is about helping others… and the prizes reflected that. I want to say that the top volunteer received a few days off work and a ticket to some foreign country to work on sustainability projects. However, don’t quote me on that. My memory is hazy.

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