Nintendo Service Department Simultaneously Frustrating And Awesome

A couple of weeks ago, the right shoulder button on my Nintendo DS suddenly stopped working. Because the warranty had expired, I was forced to pay $75 to get it serviced. I called Nintendo’s service department and they instructed me to ship my device to their service center in LA. I enclosed a check along with detailed instructions to reproduce the issue. So far so good.

I was told the process would take about 7-10 days. But after a few weeks, I still didn’t receive my package. I checked with UPS. According to their tracking system, the package was ‘delivered.’ So where was it?

It turns out the Nintendo service guys shipped my system to the wrong address (typo) and also to the wrong person. Some guy named Jeremy from a ‘pharmacy’ signed for it. Another funny thing I discovered was that instead of addressing the package to Kevin Sung, they shipped it to John Sung. Where they got the name ‘John’ from remains a mystery since the name on the check and service order both said Kevin.

I called Nintendo’s customer service yesterday and told them my situation. The CSR responded that it would take 3-4 days to run a trace and do a full investigation. “Oh great,” I thought. “Time to get the run-around from terrible customer service again.”

But to my surprise, Nintendo called me back a few hours later and informed me they would be sending me a brand new DS. “We want you to know that no matter who’s at fault here, we want to make sure you’re happy and you have a system in hand.”


I can’t say I’m too happy about the mix-up. But Nintendo’s quick response puts a smile on my face.

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