Hungry Goats At Google

So you may have heard about the goats grazing at Google, a fun and (sort of) green alternative to mowing the grass. Well, after work today I headed down to Amphitheatre Parkway to get a glimpse of the hungry creatures. They are adorable up close. However, they do pass a lot of gas.

All together now: ‘nom nom nom nom!’

More photos below the fold.

At first I thought maybe I could cross the fence and pet the goats. But then, I saw this sign. I’m not sure if the fence is actually electrified to keep humans out or just to keep the goats from chewing their way through. But I didn’t want to find out.

This particular goat was the only one who wasn’t afraid of humans and kept following me around as I was taking pictures. Maybe it thought I was trying to give it food.

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