Disneyland Fake Marriage Proposal Is Super Effective

Chances are you’ve seen this video. A man walks down Main Street at Disneyland with a bullhorn and begins to draws a crowd. Then, he proposes to his girlfriend with an impromptu musical, inviting some of the audience and staff members to join in. Finally, she says yes and they live happily ever after.

I saw this video on Digg today with the title: ‘best wedding proposal ever.’ In the comments section, people wrote things like: ‘you guys better take note’ and ‘this is how it’s done.’

Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble, but the proposal was actually acted out by members of Disney’s musical and parade performing cast. The video is simply clever viral marketing.

Hats off to Disney for thinking outside the box. The video has generated more than 1 million views on the DisneyParks YouTube channel and shows no signs of slowing down. And by blogging about this video, I’m driving more impressions to the video and moving the viral train along. When you factor in the tens of thousands of dollars saved by hosting their video on YouTube, it boggles the mind why viral videos aren’t more common among entertainment companies.

Not every video can go viral. But why is this one so effective? Simply put, it toes the line between cheesy-charming and cheesy-annoying very carefully. See, we don’t really care about the guy and the girl or the fact that they’re getting married. That’s all a distraction. What we really care about is how spontaneous the musical is and what it’d be like to propose like this. When you watch, you’re subconsciously generating ideas and this turns into an urge to share those ideas.

Case in point: Disney posted a different proposal video that completely misses the mark. This video doesn’t focus on the outrageous musical but rather the pure and simple fact that two people can get engaged at Disneyland. When you watch it (and the terrible contrast filters) it just doesn’t have the same impact.

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