Street Fighter Blu-ray Cover Is Horrible

While I thought the new Street Fighter movie about Chun-Li’s origins could have benefitted from some better writing, the Blu-ray packaging is absolutely atrocious. If there was a textbook about how not to Photoshop images, this would be on the first page.

First of all, they managed to make Moon Bloodgood look hideous. That’s not easy to do. Secondly, they made Chris Klein look like Nicolas Cage. Also, Chris Klein’s face apparently absorbs sunlight differently from a regular human since the light illuminates the left side of everyone’s face except his.

The cut and paste job on Kristin Kreuk is terrible. Look at the lines around her legs and the unnatural glow. Also, the skin tone of the face is far less saturated than the rest of the body. I wonder whose body they decided to paste her face on. If the body comes from a different Kristin Kreuk picture, then they clearly shopped her boobs to make them huge. Nice use of the burn and dodge tools there, buddy. Speaking of unnatural, did you notice that her left arm (our right) looks lopsided? It’s like they shrunk her hand, but forgot to shrink everything above her wrist.

Also, why the hell would anyone want to buy a 3-disc ‘unleashed and unrated’ version of this movie except to prank a friend? if anyone buys me this movie for any reason, our friendship is over.

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