San Jose Flea Market

Happy Easter Sunday everybody! I went to the San Jose Flea Market today, which is supposedly the largest swap meet in the country. It was basically what you’d expect from a swap meet: lots of tents everywhere selling knockoff products and plastic toys made in China.

However, the real tragedy was the hundreds of classic video game cartridges and CD cases laid out on blankets, suffering under the hot sun, mishandled by people who obviously didn’t know their real value. Along the defunct copies of Madden and NCAA March Madness PlayStation games, I actually found an original non-Greatest Hits copy of Final Fantasy Tactics. It was sitting in a sad looking basket, sharing space with a faded DDR pad and old NES cartridges. The label said $9. If the owner had put it up on Ebay instead, it could have sold for as much as $80. Terrible.

It reminds me of the time I went to my friend Jon’s house and realized he not only had the original Earthbound SNES cartridge, but also the ultra-rare strategy guide that came with it. Guess how much those are going for on Ebay. $300. I hope Jon is investing wisely.

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